Best tips and hits for EC2016!

Dowload and read the best tips for your stay in Tampere and EC2016: EC2016_GetAroundTampere.pdf.

How to get to Tampere?

Tampere constitutes the northernmost point of the triangle formed by Finland’s three major cities: Tampere, Helsinki and Turku. It is within easy reach: less than two hours by train or by car from both coastal cities and even more conveniently accessible by air, thanks to Tampere’s good flight connections.

Tampere is located in southern Finland some 170 km north of Helsinki, capital of the country.
Both domestic and international travel connections to Tampere are excellent. The city is within easy reach by air, by land and in summer, even by water.

There are direct flights from Helsinki, Stockholm (Sweden), Bremen (Germany), London (UK), as well as Budapest (Hungary). In the autumn / winter season 2014 there will be direct flights also from Alicante (Spain), Frankfurt/Hahn (Germany), Milan/Bergamo (Italy), Malaga (Spain) and Girona (Spain). Please note that flight connections vary according to the season.

The address for Tampere-Pirkkala airport is Varikontie 14, Pirkkala.

Bus connections between Tampere-Pirkkala airport and the city centre

The city bus line number 1L (only the buses with the letter L) operates between Terminal 1 and the city centre. The route goes past the Railway station, the east end of Hämeenkatu, Koskipuisto and the bus station.

The transfer to and from Ryanair flights, between the Terminal 2 and the Railway station, is operated by Tokeen Liikenne.

Airport taxi

At the airport, there are also taxi ranks in front of both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 and a free phone for calling a taxi (from Terminal 1 also Airport Taxi) in case there are no taxis available. The trip to/from the centre costs approximately 30 euros, somewhat more on weekends and at night.

For the trip back to the airport, you can also book a special Airport Taxi (tel. +358 100 4131), which must be booked in good time before take-off and it should be mentioned that the booking is for Airport Taxi. The taxi collects people from the centre, and the fixed price is 19 euros/person. The Airport Taxi operates only to and from Terminal 1.

Car rental

Some car rentals have a rental service also at Tampere-Pirkkala Airport (terminal 1):

Tampere railway station

There are good connections to all over the city at the Tampere Railway station. You can catch the local buses right from Hämeenkatu (main street) ja Rautatienkatu streets, and there’s also a taxi rank in front of the station building. From the railway station to Tampere-Pirkkala airport you can either take a taxi or for Ryanair flights, there’s a transfer connection from in front of the station building. This transfer is operated by Tokeen liikenne.

VR Ltd Tampere Railways
Rautatienkatu 25

The Railway station hall is open Mon-Sun 05.00-01.00.
The travel tunnel is open 24 h.

Bus connections

The long-distance coaches operate from the Tampere bus station, Hatanpään valtatie 5-7. From Matkahuolto website you can get updated information about the conncetions, timetables, bus stops and tickets.

The local buses Tampere City Public Transport offers a good route network in Tampere and the surrounding cities. For more information about the tickets, timetables and routes can be found from the public transportation customer service at Frenckellinaukio 2 B, right next to Keskustori central square.