How to get around in Tampere!

Dear EC-participants,

2016 JCI European Conference is just around the corner and the Conference Organizing Committee is delighted to welcome you all to our beautiful home city, Tampere. In this message you may find some general information and useful tips on how to get around in Tampere during the European Conference.

Download and save this information: EC2016_GetAroundTampere.pdf

Weather in Tampere

Let’s face it – summer in Finland is unpredictable. This year we have experienced +28 degrees at the end of May as well as snowfall in June. A safe way to prepare is to have suitable clothes for both options.

As it comes to weather forecast, we have already a 10 days forecast available that covers the duration of the conference. According to the forecast, during the conference there will be +18 – +21 degrees Celsius during the days and +10 – +12 during the nights. Showers are possible. One thing is granted, though – it will be light, day and night. In order to be sure that you sleep well, you may want to equip yourself with eye-covers – especially if you come from a country that does not have a phenomenon of bright summer nights.

Practical tips

Finnish time zone is GMT +3 hours. This is good information to know especially since during the summer time in Finland it is not granted that a mere look in the sky will tell you whether it is day or night.

Electrical plugs in Finland work with 220 volts power outlet. Most laptops will automatically work with 220 volts (check the back of your laptop for power input markings.) That means, you’ll only have to change the shape of your existing power plug to fit into a Finnish outlet. And that’s it. These simple plug adapters are relatively cheap.

Please also note that Finnish water from the taps is fresh and available to drink directly. Enjoy our sponsorship with local water works and have as much Finnish tap water as you want – it’s our treat!

Money and banks

Official currency of Finland is Euro. Cash withdrawal points are spread around the city and they accept most common credit/debit cards. ATM’s can be recognized from their orange color and title “Otto”.

Card payments are also widely accepted in almost every commercial establishment in Finland including taxis.

Dress Code

General dress code in the conference is casual / smart casual. When participating the official programme, smart casual is preferred.

In the Opening Ceremony and Gala dress code is formal. Some of the special and VIP events might also have dresscode smart/smart casual. This is however always mentioned separately in the respective invitation.

Arrival in Tampere

There are several options to arrive in Tampere. The Organizing Committee has provided the participants an opportunity to purchase a shuttle bus connection directly from airports of Helsinki-Vantaa and Tampere. If you have purchased this option, we will be waiting for you at the airport, escorting you to the transportation vehicle and transfer you directly to the HQ Hotel Torni.

If you haven’t purchased your transportation yet, there is a regular bus connection from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to the bus station of Tampere that is just 600 meters walk away from the HQ Hotel. Buses leave from Helsinki Airport Terminal 1 platform 13 and Terminal 2 platforms 23-24. You can purchase your ticket directly from the bus and pay by credit/debit card or cash. Buses depart from Helsinki Airport hourly and the time table can be found from the terminal billboards.

From Tampere airport there is a bus connection to the Tampere Bus Station. Blue Buses (Number 1A) leave from the airport at 30 past each hour from 7am until 6pm. Last shifts after that are 7.47pm, 8.47pm, 10.15pm and 0.57am. Payments are to be done in cash.

You can also reach Tampere by train from Helsinki and majority of other Finnish cities. Tampere railway station is 150 meters away from the HQ Hotel Torni. Time table for trains can be found from webpage

The Organizing Committee will be selling tickets for departures in the info of the HQ hotel on Thursday and Friday. Please note that only credit card is accepted as means of payment. Lift from HQ Hotel to Helsinki airport as purchased from the HQ Hotel is EUR 30 and to Tampere airport EUR 15.

Registration and info desk

Registration desk is located at the HQ Hotel Torni. Registration begins on Tuesday afternoon at 2pm and is open as follows:

  • Tuesday 2pm – 6pm
  • Wednesday 8am – 7pm
  • Thursday 8am – 6 pm
  • Friday 9am – 6 pm

Info desk can be found from the registration point. You will also find lots of information from our webpage

In order to make the registration as smooth as possible, please make sure that following things have been taken care of before you register:

  1. Your registration fee has been paid (if you are unsure, please bring a receipt of your payment with you and/or send an email to for confirmation)
  2. You have a valid ID available at the registration desk.

Please note that as majority of people will be arriving on Wednesday, there may be some queues at the registration hall. We are prepared for arrivals in large numbers by adding the number of our receptionists and thus try to do our best at our end. If there is a queue, you can entertain yourself by for example enjoying a good glass of sparkling wine in sunny outdoors (according to the forecast Wednesday should be sunny).

At registration you will be provided with conference badge, four lunch vouchers to the restaurants of our restaurant partner Restamax Oyj ( and information about the conference including the schedule all wrapped up in a nice conference bag.

Please keep your badge with you throughout the event as it is the entrance ticket to every event during the conference – including Award Ceremony and Gala. If you lose your badge, you will have to re-register in order to get a new badge so please keep your badge safe.


We have been providing accommodation through our Accommodation Partner Sokotel that provides accommodation in HQ Hotel Torni, Original Sokos Hotel Villa, Original Sokos Hotel Ilves and Radisson Blu Grand Hotel Tammer. Additionally official conference hotels are Cumulus Koskikatu, Holiday Inn Tampere Station and Dream Hotel/Hostel. All conference hotels are within 1 km distance from the HQ Hotel.

Addresses to the conference hotels are:

  • Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere, Ratapihankatu 43, 33100 Tampere
  • Original Sokos Hotel Villa, Sumeliuksenkatu 14, 33100 Tampere
  • Original Sokos Hotel Ilves, Hatanpään valtatie 1, 33100 Tampere
  • Solo Sokos Hotel Tammer, Satakunnankatu 13, 33100 Tampere
  • Cumulus Koskikatu, Koskikatu 5, 33100 Tampere
  • Holiday Inn Tampere – Central Station, Rautatienkatu 21, 33100 Tampere
  • Dream Hostel & Hotel, Åkerlundinkatu 2, 33100 Tampere

Accommodation reservation is done directly between the hotels and the participants. Thus with majority of accommodation related questions it is easiest to present these questions at the reception of your hotel. The receptions will also have general information about the event and they speak in general good English.

If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet, we request you to do it as soon as possible by contacting the hotels in Tampere directly or through hotel search engines. The Organizing Committee cannot sell any further accommodation on site but will naturally help if there is a situation that you don’t have accommodation upon your arrival.

Transportation in Tampere

Tampere City Transport is our official Transport Partner that provides the conference participants free use of local blue buses with the conference badge. Furthermore you can go around in Tampere easily by taxi. Taxis can be ordered from the following numbers:

  • Tampereen Aluetaksi:  +358 100 4131
  • Liuttu Taxi: +358 100 4041

Furthermore there are several taxi stands around the city of Tampere. HQ Hotel Torni has its own stand as well as the Gala venue Tampere exhibition centre.

During the Conference there will be transportation from all conference hotels to the Awards Ceremony and Gala. Ongoing transportation commences at 4pm and last bus leaves at 6 pm. Bus connections back from Gala to the hotels and the after party venue commence at 10.30pm.


We are proud to present, our Restaurant Partner. All participants will get lunch vouchers that entitle to an EUR 11 food purchase each from each of the –restaurants. There is a large variety of restaurants to choose from. There are options for lunch with a price of lunch ticket but the ticket can also be used as a partial payment for more expensive meals.

You may find more information from the lunch voucher book that you will collect at the registration. Furthermore our restaurant partner will send their information package via email before the event.

Please also note that should you want to organize your own get-togethers before the official events, our Restaurant Partner, our Accommodation Partner as well as other participating hotels offer a large variety of different options for your get-togethers.

As it comes to the prices, Big Mac –index in Finland is EUR 4.10 while Big Mac –menu is EUR 6.80. Alcohol is rather expensive in the restaurants and it is quite common to pay EUR 7-8 for a pint of good beer. If you like beer, you should also try Finnish small brewery products – such as local Nokian Panimo that also offers the participants a brewery visit as a part of the Framework Programme.

In Finland service is considered as part of the price of the meal so tipping is not very common in Finland and is not expected by the restaurant employees.

Conference Programme

Official conference programme can be found from the webpage of the Conference You may also find the official programme as well as all leisure activities from the conference program brochure available at the info desk and part of your registration package.

As it comes to networking, the Conference provides you a great opportunity for it. Networking has never been this easy and this is techinically guaranteed by Scheduit, the main networking app for the 2016 JCI European Conference. Scheduit is a networking app that makes it easy to connect with nearby professionals who are relevant to your career or business.

The app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to match compatible individuals together. It also includes event features that help event planners make their conferences and trade shows much more engaging. This combination of AI-assisted networking and event features makes Scheduit unique worldwide.

You can download Scheduit at

Framework Programme

Finnish Local Chapters have been doing amazing job providing participants a large variety of framework programme events. There are still some places available in some of the framework programme events. Some of these events are free – some subject to a charge that is to be paid as you book for the said event.

Framework programme includes sports events, cultural events, introduction to Finnish lifestyle, introduction to Finnish past, present and future – you name it.

Please have a look at the events at the following website:

What to see in Tampere

Besides official conference programme, there are plenty of other things to see in our beautiful City. Please consider at least these options:

Särkänniemi – More than just an amusement park

Finlayson – Historic centre of Tampere with museums, restaurants, cinema etc. –

Vapriikki – a versatile museum centre in the heart of Tampere

Sara Hildén museum of Modern Art – ongoing exhibition of Ron Mueck

The one and only Lenin-museum that opens again on 17 June 2016

Wide range of information about Tampere, where to go, tips, restaurants, sightseeing, shopping and more

Further information

In cases of emergency, emergency number in Finland is 112.

In a case of illness or need of doctor, there are several private hospitals that operate in the city centre. Please approach the info desk in a case you have a need for doctor’s appointment.

Most important numbers and emergency line of the Organizing Committee can also be found from your Conference badge.