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Ti-Ti-Nalle Concert

We are happy to inform you, that we are going to arrange this amazing Ti-Ti Nalle Concert for all children, parents and grandparents. The Ti-Ti-Teddybears are highly liked bears, who sing and play for the children, and they always like to have very interactive concerts where every child can sing and play along with the bears. The bears live in the Ti-Ti-House where you can also visit if you have time during your stay in Finland. In the house, there are playrooms which belongs to the youngest members of the Ti-Ti-Family. There is also Daddy-Bear’s room, where you can maybe do some woodwork with Daddy-Bear. Mommy-Bear is an artist and in her room you can express yourself as an artist, there is painting equipment in the room, so have fun and paint! There is also Safety room, Music room, Playing room and some other fun rooms in the Ti-Ti-House. The House is located by the Kyrösjärvi, and the distance between Ti-Ti-House and Tampere is around 50 kilometers. Riitta is the ”mother figure” for the Bears and sings and plays along with the bears. In the concert we are going to have Ti-Ti-Bear, Tau-Bear, Ti-Ri-Baby and also Trioli Girl. Also, if we are lucky, Riitta might take other Bears from the Ti-ti-Family to join the concert. After the concert you are able to hug and pet the Bears and you can also talk to Riitta. She will also give autograph after the concert.
  • Time: 6.00pm (be at the Pakkahuone at 5.45pm at the latest)
  • Location: Tampere Pakkahuone
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Price: 15 € / person until 31.3.2016, 20€ / person after 1.4.2016
  • Max number of persons: 1200
  • Organizer: JCI Kalajokilaakso
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