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Green Future Forum

Climate change, depletion of natural resources and urbanization are megatrends shaping the future. They are also the largest challenges the societies are facing globally. How do we make this work out?

JCI Lappeenranta welcomes you to join Green Future Forum, a future-oriented event in which you have an unique change to discuss with cleantech specialists about what is the change we’ve facing at and what are the decisions expected from the corporates and governments of today. In the presentations the speakers will discuss about the cleantech opportunities the megatrends provide to the cities, technologies, innovation and in the end - to the business. Join, learn and be inspired!

What is there for business in this? For business cases, join Forum Green Business on Thu 16 th June and find out how they’ve done it.

Key elements of the forum: cleantech, environment future, society, megatrends, visions, good case practices, South- East Finland, solutions, courage

Sokos Hotel Torni, Room 7

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