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Green Business Forum

Cleantech is the future of the economy. The demand for sustainable solutions is higher than ever due to climate change, urbanization, digitalization and other striving megatrends. This enables unprecedented cross-sector opportunities.

Green Business Forum showcases Finnish expertise through South Karelian cleantech business cases. This event will highlight the business opportunities, success stories and provides us a glance of the secrets behind them. In the forum speakers will discuss what makes Finland the best in cleantech and how the companies in South-East Finland have grasped the enormous opportunities. Join, learn, connect and be inspired!

Key elements of the forum: Environment, cleantech opportunities, innovations, business megatrends, business cases.

What are the global megatrends and cleantech drivers creating opportunities for businesses? For a deeper overview of this, join Green Future Forum on 15th June.

Sokos Hotel Torni, Room 7

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