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Day at Särkänniemi Amusement Park

Spin, swing, swoosh and splash! Särkänniemi is home to dozens of rides to provide fun for visitors of any age. In addition, there are many other attractions like Doghill, Planetarium, Aquarium and Näsinneula observation tower. Welcome to all fun lovers, gourmets, adventurers, animal enthusiasts and culture fans! Särkänniemi is more than just an amusement park.

See all the rides and attractions: http://www.sarkanniemi.fi/en/sarkanniemi/

Time: Saturday 18.6. Bustransportation from Sokos Hotel Torni at 12:30. Särkänniemi opens ar 13:00.


  • People from 0-100 cm: children under 100 cm (measured with shoes on) are free of charge (there are some additional age restrictions)
  • 100-120 cm 29€ (normal price 35€)
  • over 120 cm 35 € (normal price 41 €)

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Toni Rantanen
COC Director

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Ville Nieminen
COC Partnerships

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