Best tips and hits for EC2016!

Dowload and read the best tips for your stay in Tampere and EC2016: EC2016_GetAroundTampere.pdf.

EC2016 team

Please do not hesitate to contact us in any matters:

Toni Rantanen
COC Director
+358 40 515 6731

Ville Nieminen
+358 40 092 8492

Markus Sjölund
+358 40 745 4342

Antti Husa
+358 44 750 5657

Henri Liljeroos
Marketing & Communication
+358 44 501 0900

Heikki Ihanamäki
+358 44 015 1590

Sari Mielonen
COC Secretary
+358 40 592 1343
Note different email: ec2016 (at)

Teemu Lindgren
Trade Show
+358 40 575 9800

Anssi Juntunen
Key note speakers
+358 50 561 5594

Lauri Oksanen
+358 44 309 0678

Hanna Lausamo
Personnel manager
+358 400 767 808

Country managers

Austria: Hanna Happola, austria (at)

Belgium: Michael Vanamo, belgium (at)

Catalonia: Niina Härkönen, catalonia (at)

Cyprus: Mikael Wänskä, monaco (at)

Denmark: Jenni Ahlstedt, denmark (at)

Estonia: Anu Hirvonen, estonia (at)

France: Michael Vanamo, france (at)

Germany: Pirita Huotari, germany (at)

Greece: Mikael Wänskä, greece (at)

Iceland: Jenni Ahlstedt, iceland (at)

Italy: Tiina Hämäläinen, italy (at)

Ireland: Jere Niskanen, ireland (at)

Malta: Tiina Hämäläinen, malta (at)

Monaco: Mikael Wänskä, monaco (at)

Netherlands: Michaela Palmberg, netherlands (at)

Norway: Jenni Ahlstedt, norway (at)

Portugal: Piia Kurki, portugal (at)

Romania: Hanna Toimi, romania (at)

Sweden: Jenni Ahlstedt, sweden (at)

Switzerland: Tiina Hämäläinen, switzerland (at)

United Kingdom: Katja Hakkinen, uk (at)

How to join the Conference arrangements?

If you or your local organization are interested joining our team, you have specific
program ideas etc. please contact ec2016 (at) We will reply You shortly!